South African Garden Route Wilderness Town Travel Information

The town of Wilderness is along the Garden Route in South Africa between Mossel Bay and Storms River, the Garden Route runs parallel to a coastline which features lakes, mountains, golden beaches, cliffs and dense indigenous forests.

The Garden Route has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, making the region popular all year round. The pont at Malgas is the only remaining pont in the country, ferrying vehicles and livestock across the Breede River. Whale watching attracts tourists at Witsand and Port Beaufort from June to November.

The climate is wonderful all year round, temperatures hardly ever dropping below 8°C. The average rainfall is around 700mm, spread all year round, meaning that the winters are as warm and sunny as the summertime. Back in the 1800’s, Wilderness was already renowned for it’s hospitality and the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

Back in those days, a small stone farmhouse was the only form of lodging and it was through this that the legend of Wilderness hospitality and goodwill was established. A seaside-boarding house was established in the old farmstead, which was later to become the Karos Wilderness Hotel.

Wilderness is set between the Kaaimans River and the Goukama Nature Reserve, whilst being bordered by the Outeniqua Mountains. Renowned for it tranquil sea and beaches which stretch on forever, Wilderness has become a Internationally sought after holiday resort.

Wilderness is also surrounded by many rivers and natural lakes and lagoons. This makes it a great spot for water sport enthusiasts, who flock there regularly. There is 2500 ha National Park with five rivers, five lakes, two estuaries and 18km of coastline. Wilderness sports many types of wildlife, in particular birds.

Many types of water birds breed here and this makes it ideal for bird-watchers. The many other types of recreation include hiking, dolphin and whale-watching, hang-gliding, paragliding, horse riding, mountain-biking, scenic drives, Wilderness Lakes Art Route, day tours, ferry cruises, angling, boating and other water sports.

Wilderness also has a great number of craftsmen and women in the area. There work is often for sale and the tourist can pick up many bargains at the monthly craft markets, held in the middle and end of the month.

This and many other interesting aspects of the town add to it’s rustic charm. A place that must be visited by any tourist in the Garden Route, it truly is a place of timeless beauty. There are many things to do and see in this small village. The famous “Map of Africa Viewpoint” offers fantastic view of the Kaaimans River Valley and an ocean vista rivaled by few. Another great viewpoint is Dolphin Point which gives a magnificent view of the ocean for miles.

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Guidelines For Travel in Estonia

Estonia is emerging as a strong player in the telecom and electronics sector and is on path of becoming one of the modern market driven economies. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia is a modern city in the Baltic region. Tallinn has a very old history that dates back to 11th century AD and the winding cobbled streets of this town are a reminder of the glorious past. Travelers are very common in the town of Tallinn who flock to see the old town with its defensive walls and fortresses which were at one point of time touted to be one of the best defensive encampments in Europe.

Going down the cobbled winding roads of Tallinn one can witness the Lower town and Tompea Hill which was the aristocratic part of the town of Tallinn.

There are many other sights in the town of Tallinn that travelers frequent. The Tallinn Zoo, Rocca al Mare Tivoli which is the biggest amusement park in Tallinn and the botanical garden in Tallinn are a few of them. The zoo houses a whopping 6,000 animals while the botanical gardens have 8,000 different varieties of flora which come from different parts of the world. There are also temporary exhibits which keep changing over time.

The Kadriorg palace and the Russian Orthodox cathedral by Alexander Nevsky are also traveler’s favorite hotspots in Tallinn. The palace was the summer home of Russian Czar, peter I. it is a pink baroque palace that stands today in the middle of a resort on the seaside. This resort also houses the Estonia art museum which is also the venue for many of the town’s theatrical performances, concerts, receptions and lectures.

The Open Air Museum of Estonia which is in Kopli is a must visit for the traveler too. This museum has preserved ancient buildings of historical importance that have been entirely moved from various parts of Estonia. Haapsalu which is on the west coast of Estonia is a secluded quiet town. You can stay in one of the guest lodges and explore the ancient ruins from the 13th century among other things such as a Gothic cathedral and a castle that supposedly is haunted by a female ghost who only shows herself on full moon nights. The beaches in this town are quiet and calm without the din of the crowds so typical of famous beaches.

On the Estonian southern coast is parnu which saw its first settlement way back in 7500 BC. Walking through the old town, travelers find many interesting sights such as a 17th century mansion, Swedish ramparts and The Red Tower. The Neoclassical Bath house in this town offers great packages for skin rejuvenation through traditional mud baths.

So you just saw that the real Estonia is not just found in the town of Tallinn and that Tallinn is just one of the pieces of the beautiful puzzle that is Estonia. Estonia can be visited any time of the year with summer being the favorite but travelers who would like to witness the Christmas market in Tallinn’s old town should travel to Estonia in December.

How to Become a Travel Nurse

Agencies were set up to provide nurses for areas that had seasonal populations and would need to boost their nursing staff according to those times. Such states as Arizona, California, Texas, and Florida became major factors in the growth of travel nurses. This was due partly to the large migrant population that moved from state to state, depending on the season, to find work or from people that would come south during the winter months. Now the demand for travel nurses is higher, because of the staffing problems that exist across the United States. It is most likely to become even higher in demand as the baby boomers grow older. They will be leaving the medical field, and will be placing more demand on the medical field. To take advantage of this growth, you will need to make sure that you are ready. If you have foreign language skills, you may even be able to travel abroad.

You need to have achieved a RN (Registered Nurse) degree, at the very least. This can be achieved a number of ways. You can go through a traditional four-year BSN, a hospital based diploma (typically taking three-years), or a two year ADN program. Even after schooling, you will need one year of work experience, at a minimum. Make sure that this experience is in your specialty, or you may not be eligible for travel assignments inside your specialty.

Finding the Travel Job
The first step is to find a travel nursing company. There are hundreds of these available. They may handle local, national, or even global assignments. The traveling nursing agency is essentially a job recruiter. They help you with handling the details of your assignment, including relocation or registering with any local authorities. They offer guidance in location and focus. Most assignments last 13 weeks, but you can usually renew your contract if you wish to stay longer. Some of the leading travel nursing companies in the United States are the Cross Country TravCorps, American Mobile Healthcare, Preferred Healthcare Staffing, Medical Express, O’Grady Peyton International, and Nurses Rx.

What are the benefits
Lodgings are typically provided for the traveling nurse. These are located near the facility and are normally fully furnished. Salaries are very competitive, in some cases up $40 per hour. There are often bonus programs, not to mention comprehensive medical and dental insurance. Traveling nurses can spend as little as 4 weeks to 52 weeks on an assignment. You can move with the seasons, move where the best pay is, or try out a city that you think you may be interested in living in. There are often sign on bonuses with the companies, referral bonuses, travel reimbursement plans and so much more. Over seas jobs are available as well. Imagine being able to spend your summers in Europe before returning to Florida or California to get through the Winter Season. From large cities to the smaller towns, traveling nurses are in demand and you can join in.

Mother City Splendor – Cape Town Travel Highlights

A visit to Cape Town always surprises tourists. Preconceived ideas about South Africa, which are usually negative, can be transformed in one trip to Cape Town. Cape Town is a popular tourist destination, offering travelers splendid holiday accommodation, activities, sights, and more. Travel in style, luxury or backpack – whatever your preference, the area has the best of everything a tourist would want in a holiday destination. To follow is a brief description of the top, not to be missed attractions in Cape Town.

The first and most obvious attraction in Cape Town is the stately and historic Table Mountain. A visit to Table Mountain will allow you to take in the expanse and visual delights of the landscape. Enjoy a hike up to the summit of the mountain or take the cable car. Table Mountain is an impressive attraction and backdrop to this beautiful coastal city.

The city itself has many interesting museums and the castle is worth a visit. Take a day to enjoy the V&A Waterfront, where shopping is of a world class standard. The V&A Waterfront has some of the best cafés, restaurants and clubs. The aquarium at the waterfront is great for family visits. Visitors can also take boat trips from the Waterfront to see Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned during the apartheid era. Take in the culture and vibe of Cape Town’s Greenmarket Square, buy African clothing and souvenirs and enjoy exploring the artistic work that this cosmopolitan environment inspires.

Out of the city centre, take a drive to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, where you can enjoy the indigenous plants of this region in a most magnificent setting. The Botanical Gardens are found on the eastern slopes of Table Mountain. The Gardens have cafés and galleries, healthy hikes, and in the summer, local and international music artists perform to sold-out audiences. Not far from Kirstenbosch you will find Groot Constantia, where you can try some Cape Town wines and enjoy culinary treats in some of the most historic Cape wine-producing farms.

To take in the wonderful wines of South Africa, a visit to Stellenbosch is imperative. Visitors and tourists can book a Wine Tour offered by the many different travel professionals in South Africa, or you can hire a car, and drive yourself. The South African Wine Region offers beautiful scenery and unique, exquisite wines.

The Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve can be found about an hour’s drive from the city centre. The drive itself offers visitors the opportunity to see some of the best beaches on the Cape coast. The Nature Reserve is a top tourist attraction, as Cape Point lies within the boundaries. Cape Point is an impressive sight; it is the most southwestern point of Africa and where two oceans meet.

Cape Town is an interesting and beautiful City. There are many different types of people traveling to Cape Town to take in the city’s vibrancy, history and culture. The city is well equipped for tourist travel and offers excellent accommodation, activities and attractions, depending on your individual tastes.

Why An Airport Taxi Is A Convenient Mode Of Long Distance Travel

An airport taxi is the easiest and fastest way to get to your long distance destination. They are convenient and tailor made for travelers who need to get to and from long distance destinations like airports and hotels and other places outside of their local travel range; that would otherwise be reached by personal cars, city based buses and locally based community taxis curbed within city limits.

One of the reasons they are so practical is that you can be chauffeured easily, twenty-four seven, without the hassle and cost of parking your car, or the concern of ones safety of ones car as it remains parked in a usually darkly attended parking lot that may be prone to theft.

A hired car prevents the inconvenience of having to ask someone make the lengthy drive to the airport, which many times are done at odd hours to meet various airplane schedules. The usual convenient chauffeurs (loved ones, friends, co-worker or neighbors), although well meaning, may not want to fight demanding traffic, especially at odd hours, or incur the gas costs that inevitably rise when traveling farther than usual.

Travelers trust experienced and competent drivers that are familiar with the location of airports, and both favorable and expedient alternative travel whether in inclement or favorable weather. The taxis are usually equipped with a Global Positioning System, a navigational system controlled by satellite, and radio dispatch communication insuring for accurate and swift guidance through hectic traffic.

If one is traveling by a taxi, an individual wants to be sure that their entire vehicle is roomy enough for luggage or any other items (i. E., gifts for relatives, carry-on items) that people generally carry with them on long distance trips. Many people, due to time constraints and pressure of having to select items usually over estimate what is needed for traveling. Mini-vans or sedans livery service are usually the vehicle of choice when traveling heavily. They are also convenient for large groups or families traveling together.

Finally, safety is of utmost factor when one contemplates out of town travel. Of all these factors that drive one to choose an airport taxi above all other modes of travel is: safety. It is the one aspect most travelers put the highest premium upon. It is the biggest factor that is considered when one decides the amount they are willing to pay a hired car service and it is the main factor relatives will always consider when making arrangement for family members, especially elder members, who need transportation quickly with the most ease.

South East coast of Cyprus – Holidays in Protaras.

When planning your holidays you have to take in consideration not only the location, but also the best accommodation that will provide you and your party with value for money according to your requirements.

Usually your choice of accommodation will vary between a hotel room, a holiday villa or apartment rental. It might be worth to have a look into the advantages and disadvantages that each type of accommodation can provide before making a decision.

If you are looking to get away from it all and relax with your family in privacy, than a holiday villa would be the ideal choice for you. By renting a private villa you will have your own kitchen, living/dining room, bedroom and in many cases your own private swimming pool. Renting a villa provides you, not only, with more space and privacy but is also a more economical option rather than staying at a small hotel room.

A villa can usually accommodate a minimum of 4 people, and the rental price is charged per week making it more cost-effective than staying at a hotel.

The advantages of booking a hotel room include its location, usually in the centre of busy tourist areas if that is of the visitor’s interest, and its provision for room service and maid service. It’s perfect if you are traveling alone.

For couples or groups of friends/family, ELIAN Estates offers self-catering private villas and apartments for rent in the most attractive locations within the South East coast of Cyprus For example the modern Protaras, a lively town that stretches along the famous Fig Tree Bay. Having a consistent growth during the last three decades it emerged as an alternative resort to the abandoned Famagusta city since the 1974 Turkish invasion. Nowadays, Protaras has become one of the main tourist attraction locations in the South East coast and in the whole of Cyprus.

Fig Tree Bay is one of the best beaches of the area where you can enjoy bathing in the calm clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, lay down in the fine sand or relax in the provided sunbeds and umbrellas. Refreshing fruit cocktails, homemade sandwiches and delicious Frappes are served in a coffee/bar just on top of Fig Tree Bay offering a really pleasant atmosphere to its clients. For the most adventurous children, parents and groups of friends, there are also a variety of watersports provided at the beach. Just to name a few are Parasailing, Self Drive Speed Boats, Jet Skis, Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Crazy Squab, Banana, Pedal Boats, Private luxury yacht, among many others.

The offshore rocky islet that can be seen from the beach offers the chance of some seclusion although you have to be a fairly strong swimmer to be able to reach it.

After the beach, the town itself has much to offer. With a large variety of shops, picturesque houses and a relaxing seaside pedestrian route stretching for as long as 15km, you can enjoy some delightful walks in the area. The Profitis Ilias church is a town landmark, located on top of a hill 100 metres high which offers a glorious panoramic view over Protaras and the Sea. Climb the 300 steps up the hill, view the breathless sight and go inside the small church which is definitely worth a visit.

There is a fantastic selection of restaurants and traditional Cypriot taverns where you can try a large variety of Cypriot dishes, fresh fish and international cuisine. The staff are usually friendly and welcoming and many times they will be able to speak two or three languages including English.

At night you can test your singing skills at one of the many karaoke bars in town, meet up with the locals and holiday makers at the busy “Flinstones” bar, grab a delicious cocktail at “Ghetto Cocktail Bar” or even watch your football team playing live at the “Fools & Horses” among many other great places to go out and enjoy a fun night out in Protaras.

Avoid The Crowds By Visiting Niagara on the Lake, Ontario

Located 91 miles west of Rochester, New York and 31 miles north of Buffalo, NY, Niagara on the Lake is on the south shore of Lake Ontario, where the Niagara River spills into Lake Ontario. It can be found just 15-20 minutes downstream (north) from Niagara Falls on the Canadian side of the Niagara River. This tiny village is a popular tourist destination for people who travel into the region every year.

Niagara on the Lake is in a part of southern Ontario famous for its 17 wineries within a 20-minute drive, antiques, art galleries, and the popular Shaw Festival, which is a theatrical festival celebrating the works of playwrights Eugene O’Neill, Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw. The Shaw Festival produces several plays each calendar year. You can see their full schedule here.

Rich in history, Niagara on the Lake dates back to 1778. It was founded shortly after the American Revolution and served as a wayside in a vital Military Road connecting Fort George at the mouth of the Niagara River to the military base in Hamilton, NY (Fort Hamilton), which is located 38 miles southwest of Syracuse, NY. The two forts were separated by 213 miles of northern New York territory.

Many of the homes and buildings in this area date back to before the War of 1812 – America’s forgotten war.

The Niagara on the Lake Golf Club, which opened in 1875, is the oldest existing golf course in North America

Niagara on the Lake offers a multitude of Bed And Breakfast establishments and other accommodations from which to choose:

The John’s Gate B&B is centrally located, just a seven minute stroll from the downtown Queen Street shopping district. Some people suggest that I am not qualified to remark on a Bed and Breakfast I have not visited myself, but one of the awesome aspects of the Internet is that I can tell you about a Bed and Breakfast and point you to the reviews already submitted by people who HAVE visited the B&B themselves. As of today, 186 people have written real reviews of the John’s Gate Bed and Breakfast in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario. Google also makes available a number of photos from this beautiful home near the Niagara River. Many of the photos featured by Google are those featured by the proprietors of this fine establishment, but the proprietors offer a few more pictures on their own website. John’s Gate provides four bedrooms, which can be rented: two with Queen sized beds, one King size, and one room with Twin beds.

The DownHome B and B is centrally located in a quiet area of the Olde Towne area, just four blocks from the downtown shopping district. DownHome has merged the beauty of a new home with the atmosphere of Olde Towne and the growing Wine Industry. DownHome has three bedrooms, featuring dark woods, soft colors and distinct period ambiances. The home also features Sandy and James Down’s personal collection of family antiques.

The Historic Davy House Circa 1842 has five bedrooms – three of which that offer King size beds, one with a Queen size bed, and the fifth with Twin beds. The Davy House was previously known as the Balkie House and was built by Peter Balkie in 1842, after Balkie purchased the land from the Honorable James Crooks. Shortly after purchasing the land, Balkie built this two-story home with its ample and elaborate verandas. Balkie stayed with the house until the shipping trade moved away from the Niagara River in 1850, then he moved on. This home is located within walking distance of both the Shaw Theatre and the Queen Street shops.

Via Veneto is located in Old Town Niagara-on-the-Lake, and is situated within a short walk of Queen Street, the Shaw Theatres, Art Galleries, Antique shops, Shopping, Dining, Golf Courses and Lake Ontario. Via Veneto offers three rooms, each of them offering a Queen size bed for guests. The Florence Room, the Verona Room and the Venice Room each bring a touch of Italian elegance to their design and style.

Although we would prefer to give an overview of all the B&B’s located in Niagara on the Lake, that is simply impractical at this time. There are 153 Bed and Breakfasts located in this tiny village, 29 Niagara on the Lake cottages for rent, as well as several hotels to choose from.

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Video Conferencing – The Solution For Business Travel

Video teleconferencing, or VTC, has enabled companies to reduce or completely eliminate their annual travel expenses and those companies with international clients are really feeling the advantages of these technological marvels. These days, instead of job opportunities for those willing to travel, those same job openings are being filled by those who can navigate and perform tech service on a company’s teleconferencing system. It’s been a cure-all for companies working hard to reduce overhead. A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder of says it’s a great way for attorneys to meet and discuss legalities of their cases and it’s an ideal solution for a law firm whose partner may already be out of town, but who needs to collaborate with another partner on business matters.

There are other advantages too – from an environmental standpoint. Less travel means a smaller carbon footprint. Anything good for the environment is always preferable and coupled with the savings of fewer airline tickets, hotels and meals, it becomes the right fix for even the larger companies that might have the bigger budgets for annual travel.

The overnight success of Skype has made it even easier for us to meet via web cams. “It’s a great alternative to more traditional meetings – even when out of town travel isn’t part of the game” says A. Harrison Barnes. Today, lawyers are opting for an impromptu Skype meeting to avoid midday traffic or in an effort to get out of the office early. Skype offers its services at no cost, but even those legal firms that choose more advanced capabilities, the cost savings are substantial. In fact, many of the employers on are conducting interviews with potential job candidates via VTC. No worries, though if you don’t have those capabilities, employers are taking advantage of when they can, but they’re still having those face to face meetings, too.

As with all of the incredible gadgets from the 20th, and now 21st, century, intricate VTC systems will drop in prices and before long they’ll be as common as cell phones and laptops. Remember, when cells and personal computers were developed, few people could afford them today, very few of us can imagine a life without our gadgets.

If, however, you are able to conduct an interview via teleconferencing, you’ll want to be sure to approach it as though you were walking into an office instead of logging in online. Dress appropriately, turn your cell off and put your dog in another room. Also, be sure to turn the television and/or music off, too. The last thing an employer wants to do is talk over the soap opera or talk show in the background. Avoid picking up that glass of diet Coke or cup of coffee and certainly, avoid eating while on camera. You’d be surprised at how many forget their manners. Finally, recognize glitches happen. The best preparations don’t always guarantee a flawless VTC interview. Be patient and if the employer decides a face to face interview would best serve his purposes, by all means, accept the request for a face to face meeting.

A few rules and forethought can ensure an excellent interview via one of the latest must haves in technology.

Put Your Best Foot Forward by Hiring a Town Car Service for All Your Business Transportation Needs

Whether you’re picking up a client from the airport or transporting a VIP to a meeting downtown, hiring town car services for your business transportation needs allows you to maintain an atmosphere of professionalism even when you’re on the move. Invest in your professional image by hiring a sedan service the next time you need to get around town.

Even if you usually conduct most of your business in one central location, chances are you’ll coordinate travel with other business professionals, clients, or VIPs at some point. When that comes up, it’s important that said transportation experience is reflective of your business profile, values, and conduct. Instead of letting a prospective client or a potential board member find their own way to their hotel, to a meeting location, or to a special event, consider hiring a professional sedan service instead. Arranging to take care of airport car services or in-town door-to-door transportation shows that you care about a business associate’s time, energy, and comfort, and illustrates that you’re a step above the competition.

No matter what line of business you’re in, you will most likely work with people outside of your immediate sphere at some point. Say that you have a client, specialist, or consultant flying in from out of town–or from out of the country–to meet with your company. They may not be familiar with your city and may not know how to get around on their own. While most airports have taxi stands, it’s simply basic courtesy to facilitate an in-person pickup and subsequent transportation for this individual. You wouldn’t let a family member show up at the airport and leave them to get home on their own–why would you let a client do so? Arranging an airport car service for a business contact illustrates that you are committed to caring for that person as an individual as well as a business associate. It also shows that you realize their time and energy are valuable and shouldn’t be spent navigating an unfamiliar location.

This same principle also applies when it comes to in-town travel. Hiring a town car service to transport business contacts to and from meetings, showings, or events conveys your respect and appreciation to that person. It also shows that your company has the resources to treat others with superior consideration. If you want your company to stand out from the competition, one of the best ways to do that is to make your in-person interactions as memorable and as high-quality as your business actions. When it comes down to it, business decisions have a lot to do with what someone thinks about you and your company personally. Your professional conduct, history, and reputation are, of course, important too, but if you and your firm stand out on an interpersonal level as well, you’ll be a cut above the rest.

Hiring a car service for clients and other business associates is a simple, effective way to make a big impact. It indicates respect and a level of professionalism that will stand you in good stead in every situation.