South African Garden Route Knysna Town Travel Information

The town of Knysna is along the Garden Route in South Africa between Mossel Bay and Storms River, the Garden Route runs parallel to a coastline which features lakes, mountains, golden beaches, cliffs and dense indigenous forests.

The Garden Route has a Mediterranean Maritime climate, with moderately hot summers, and mild to chilly winters. It is one of the richest rainfall areas, most of which occurs in the winter months, brought by the humid sea-winds from the Indian ocean.

This natural wonderland is home to the largest and smallest of creatures, from the Knysna seahorse to the Knysna elephants, rare delicate butterflies and the endemic Knysna Loerie, a colourful forest bird. Over 200 species can be found in the abundant fynbos and forest settings. Knysna is also famous for its delectable homegrown oysters, enjoyed with locally brewed beer in quaint pubs and restaurants. An eclectic mix of art galleries showcases the diversity of talent in the area. The area also offers lagoon cruises, forest hikes, golf and adventure sports. A visit to the Knysna Quays is a must.

Any time of the year is good for visiting the area, depending if you enjoy a peaceful retreat during the winter months, or a bustling holiday destination during the summer.

The name Knysna is a Khoi word but it’s uncertain as to its exact meaning. It could mean ‘place of wood’, or it could mean ‘fern leaves’, but its most probable meaning is straight down’ – an obvious reference to the Heads. Knysna Heads must be the most striking geological features along the entire southern African coastline. They flank a deep but potentially treacherous channel through which the sea pours in to flood the wide and breathtakingly pretty lagoon at the mouth of the Knysna River.

Knysna’s history began in the year 1804, the year that saw the arrival of George Rex, rumoured to be the illegitimate son of King George lll. He purchased the estate known as Melkhoutkraal on the shores of the lagoon and moved his entire family and considerable entourage down to Knysna to settle.

Knysna is one of the Southern Cape coast’s best known holiday destinations, situated between lush forests and the shores of the peaceful lagoon – it offers many activities and attractions of a wide variety.

The most well known attraction being the heads – two great sandstone cliffs guarding the mouth of the lagoon which connects the estuary with the sea.

A lookout has been erected on the Eastern Head, commanding spectacular views of the lagoon, Leisure Isle and Knysna. The Western Head is a privately owned nature Reserve – Featherbed Bay. The Knysna Lagoon is one of the few places along the coast and in the world that supports a oyster hatchery. And the Knysna oysters are reputedly among the tastiest in the world.

Millwood House Museum in Queen Street houses material relating to the history of the town, and includes artifacts once owned by George Rex. It was built from yellowwood at the end of the previous century during the gold rush. From Millwood, it was later moved to Knysna.

Knysna has many attractions in the surrounding area as well, one of the most spectacular being the Knysna Forest, which is still evident in many places within the town as well. It is the largest indigenous forest in South Africa comprising of tall and ancient trees of local and exotic species, including stinkwood, yellowwood, blackwood, ironwood, white alders and Cape chestnut. Not forgetting the ferns, creepers and wild flowers which add colour to this endless green collage. The forest is vast and extremely dense in places making it impenetrable.

Animal life is limited to a few small antelope and a large variety of birds, such as the famous Knysna Loerie. Home to the once great herds of Knysna Elephants, it is believed that only one lonely cow remains today.

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California Travel – From Santa Barbara to Monterey by Car

Northern Santa Barbara County, and the California coast beyond, offer tourist attractions worth spending a few days enjoying. There are a number of natural wonders and great tourist stops to be seen driving north from Santa Barbara. This trip is suitable for both couples and families.

Take the San Marcos Pass road as you leave the city of Santa Barbara. This is a breathtaking mountain drive that heads up the side of La Cumbra Peak on Highway 154. Along the way to the highest part of the highway, there are many scenic turnouts for a panoramic view of Santa Barbara, the Channel Islands National Park and the many miles of coastline.

Once over the pass, you’ll drive by Cachuma Lake. This is a state recreation resource for camping and fishing.

Santa Ynez, for which this valley and region are named, is an old California mission town. Here you will find a number of fine art galleries and the county’s fine wineries. Notable celebrity homes here include President Reagan’s ranch and the Neverland retreat of entertainer Michael Jackson.

The quaint community of Solvang is just a few miles west of Santa Ynez on Hwy. 246, just west of Hwy. 101. It is a remarkable replication of an old Danish village, complete with a giant windmill. The town boasts some of the best Danish bakeries and buffet smorgasbords in the country. Spend a few hours here for lunch, and to visit the Scandinavian craft and souvenir shops. You’ll forget, for just a while, that you’re in the heart of Southern California horse and wine country.

The beautiful state beach parks just a few miles north of the city are yet another group of attractions. Leaving town, travel north along the coast on Highway 101. The road today retraces the historic El Camino Real, or King’s Highway. Check out El Capitan, Refugio or Gaviota state beach parks. They offer fishing, camping, and picnic sites on remarkable beaches.

Santa Maria is the next town up the highway. Santa Maria Tri-Tip barbecue is a local tradition. It’s not like anything you’ll find in Texas or other barbecue meccas. This is rubbed and marinated barbecued sirloin roast. It’s sliced thin, and is usually served rare. Typically it is eaten with corn tortillas or on a sandwich bun, and along with Santa Maria’s slow-baked Poquito beans. It’s well worth the stop to try.

Less than half an hour north of Santa Maria is the picturesque seaside town of Pismo Beach. Most of the motels and restaurants are on the ocean side of the highway, set on the cliffs overlooking a view of miles of coastline. Pismo Beach claims to be the world’s clam capital, owing to the unusually large, tasty and abundant Pismo clam. Several versions of clam recipes are available in a number of the local restaurants.

The nearby Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area. It is a 1,500 acre sand dune state park for ATV and 4-wheel vehicles. There are camping and RV facilities available. This is one of the few places in California where driving on the beach is permitted. Bringing folding beach chairs is a good idea.

Continuing north from Pismo Beach, you can drive up the tiny coast road to the town of Morro Bay. It’s a town with a distinctive New England coastal flavor. This is where the Pacific Coast Highway becomes part of the National Scenic Byways Program. Enjoy the road stretch from Morro Bay on the south, along the Big Sur coastline, up to Monterey at the north. Without exaggeration, this is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking roads anywhere in the world.

Exploring the central California coast is a great and affordable journey. There’s no need to forgo travel plans because of today’s high cost of living.

Use a Limousine Service Or Car Service to Fill Your Clients' Travel Requirements

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Take advantage of the professionally trained drivers and staff to meet your business goals. Once you trust the driving to accomplished professionals, you can rest assured that no one is going to lose directions or take a wrong turn and miss half the meeting driving around lost! When you use drivers with access to the best maps and who have experience driving the most efficient routes, commuting and arrival problems are taken care of!

Be satisfied that your business travel is in the best hands imaginable! Leave the logistic planning of moving your key people to the professionals. A Denver limousine service or Denver car service is the key to an organized function, picking up and delivering your staff on time and without the stress of managing their own vehicles. Supplying that measure of hassle-free transportation to get the scheduled meeting off to a good start is a great way to begin a successful meeting or visit.

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Traveling Highway 101 in California – The Beauty & The Dangers

It was our first wedding anniversary and John and I decided to travel the famous Highway 101 in California. We had never been to California before so we researched the trip thoroughly.

John and I flew into San Diego airport, rented a car and began our journey. California seemed like a paradise to us. The warm, dry climate with beautiful tropical plants and trees. It was simply gorgeous! We felt like we must be close to Heaven!

Later that evening we drove down to a nearby beach and watched the sunset. Afterwards we topped the evening off with a late dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Then we settled into our hotel and planned our trip for the next day.

We woke up early the next morning and had a light hotel breakfast. Afterwards we set out on our trip traveling up the California Coastal Highway known as Highway 101. That particular day was our first wedding anniversary and we were like two young kids again, happy and carefree! We saw the most lovely beaches, and stopped at look out points over the ocean along the highway. To us such beauty and wonder was mesmerizing!

I discovered that California is mostly a desert landscape. It has such history and beauty, with a lovely Hispanic influence.

I felt I could view the ocean for the rest of my life and not tire of it also! It’s lovely blue green waters and aquatic life are beautiful beyond description! The sounds of the ocean are so calming also!

We drove through many famous California towns traveling north on Highway 101. Malibu was just one of the many hip towns along our journey.

Our goal was to drive from San Diego north to San Francisco on Highway101, and stop to sight see along the way. We wanted to film the sun setting over the ocean each night. Of course we were also video taping the lovely inviting beaches and other sights also.

The second night we made it as far as Camarillo, California. We settled into a nice hotel and decided to drive over to a local beach to view the sunset. The map we used showed a couple of beaches about five miles from our hotel, so we started driving towards them. We were in rural orange grove and strawberry field country. It all appeared very nice and peaceful.

We began driving down the main street in a nearby town that supposedly led to the beach. As we drove we saw police doing what appeared to be a drug bust along the side of the street. That was very creepy, seeing people on the ground and being handcuffed with some ominous looking onlookers at the scene. We continued driving a couple of blocks further, and in a separate incident, police cars surrounded a vehicle that had hit a light pole. Police had a man pinned to the ground and were handcuffing other people. The incidents we saw in this small town were so shocking to me that I told my husband let’s just get back to our hotel. That is exactly what we did as soon as we could! We had dinner next door to our hotel that night in a quiet family restaurant.

These two incidents, so close together, on the same street, and in broad daylight, had really made me nervous. Traveling through a new state, new towns, not knowing anyone, or much about the areas we were traveling through. My mental red flags were up, and I suddenly became very apprehensive about our trip!

After a night’s rest we felt refreshed and it was a beautiful day. We hit the road again. The highway led us into the foothills of the mountains for many miles away from the ocean. The scenery was new and different as we drove along. We were once again having a great time, trying to forget the incidents of the previous night.

I could just imagine what it had been like back in the days of the wild west, Indians peeping over a hillside, or cattle being driven along by cowboys. The mountainous, desert, scenery made my mind wonder about the days of old.

Our destination that day was Morro Bay, California. We drove through beautiful Santa Barbara on the way there. We decided it was a city worth stopping at on the way back through to do some sight seeing.

Soon we were back driving along the edge of the ocean once again. That was always our favorite part of the drive. We made it to quaint, lovely, Morro Bay early in the afternoon. We went sight seeing there right away. We saw the famous giant rock formations coming up out of the ocean, and people surfing nearby. The wind was blowing very hard and it was surprisingly cool enough for our jackets. I had had the impression that all of California was sunny and warm. Not true! It is sunny and frigid at times!

We then decided to take a short drive on further north up the coast for a look at some other sights. The scenery became even more beautiful as we drove north. The breakers coming off the ocean onto the beaches were awesome! We saw walrus seals and a beautiful lighthouse. We met some interesting people to visit with at the scenic overlook areas. As we drove north, we saw a heavy fog was rolling in so we didn’t venture any further. We went back to our quaint hotel room and rested a while.

We dined in the harbor at Morro Bay that evening at a wonderful seafood restaurant and met some nice German people sitting at a nearby table. They were touring the west coast on a bus trip. They could not speak much English, but they were very friendly and comical. We communicated regardless of the language barrier.

After souvenir shopping the next morning, we decided that San Francisco was just too far north for these middle aged travelers to go. We decided to slow down a bit and start sight seeing on our way back south toward San Diego on the Highway 101 of course!

Santa Barbara was first on our list of towns to tour on the way back down Highway101. We stopped at the visitor center there and ventured out on the wharf nearby to take in the sights. Of course our video camera was always rolling so we could cherish the scenery for years to come. We met some nice people from California, and we talked a bit about our individual home states. Then my husband and I grabbed a fresh seafood sandwich from a little open air cafe and watched a dolphin swimming near the wharf. Soon it was time to get back on the road and go further south.

My husband was using his new GPS to navigate our routes. John loved the way it took him where he wanted to go. I did not like it because it took us on longer routes to our destinations quite frequently. At times it took us on routes through some derelict neighborhoods

At Santa Barbara we made a wrong turn and found ourselves on a side street just off of the highway. We decided to drive up the block and turn around, to try to get back on the highway. All of a sudden, seemingly out of no where, a large group of Latino men started running at us from the side of the road rushing our vehicle! I started screaming and my husband gunned our vehicle and started on through the crowd of yelling men. They appeared to be very threatening. Somehow my brave husband got us turned around and he sped us out of the situation. As I turned and looked back, the large group of men were shaking their fists and screaming at us. My heart was still racing and I was crying from fear.

We still to this day do not know what that was all about, but it scared me half to death! I immediately got a migraine and my husband and I couldn’t even speak for about ten minutes. We were both out of breath from the shock of the whole ordeal. I was nervous for the rest of our trip in California. After that I began watching the local news at our hotel, and the news media were talking of gangs and gang violence in California as a whole. I was suddenly aware of danger that I had never before expected.

We spent that night in Huntington Beach, California. I didn’t even want to go out to eat dinner. I went to bed early, and I told my husband I was ready to go back to St. Louis!

The next day we took our time and traveled further south. We didn’t stop until we got to La Jolla. We got a nice motel there along the beach and stayed for three nights. We stayed close by the motel, seeing the sights in and near La Jolla. It seemed safe there and the area was very lovely!

I was still shook up from the previous bad experiences, and I stayed close to my husband for safety wherever we went.

The last day of our trip we went to San Diego and toured a battleship. Then we went to Coronado Island sight seeing and had a late lunch over looking the harbor there.

I was very ready to go home the next day when we flew out of San Diego. I said I would never go to California again!

I may eat my words someday and visit northern California. But I would prefer to go there with friends that know the area very well.

I do not know if this was just our bad misfortune or if these frightening incidents happen often to tourists in California and it is just a big, well kept, secret. If you go touring in California or other places near the Mexican border, and out west for that matter, do your homework! Especially on travel safety! Find out everything you possibly can about the levels of crime in the areas you are traveling through. Then learn travel safety precautions and be aware of what to expect. Also prepare for the unexpected!

We have been many other places in a lot of other states, and never experienced this kind of terror or anything close to it that we experienced in California. It was a real adventure in more ways than we ever thought possible!

All in all, we did enjoy the awesome scenery, and brought some good memories along with the bad ones home with us. We had self taught travel experiences that my husband likes to call adventures.

If you are planning to travel, happy trails and safe travels where ever you may go!

You Can Become A Travel Agent

Everyone wants to have a career that suits them, and one that makes them happy. There are many things that you can do with your life, but if you become a travel agent, there are so many benefits that you are going to get. If you want to succeed in life, you know that you have to have a job that you can rely on.

Among the many important aspects of getting a good job are factors such as having a job with good benefits, having a job where there is room and possibilities for growth and advancement, and having a job where you can go to work each day and get 100% job satisfaction. If you become a travel agent you can get all of these things. If you become a travel agent you will find that you have a full time job where you are clearly able to get all of the benefits that are awarded to people with full time jobs. Iincluded is health insurance and other insurance policies, and also being able to save for your retirement, which is equally as important. You can also get other benefits as well.

If you become a travel agent you can find that you will simply enjoy your job because you are going to be helping people to make great travel arrangements and get the most out of life. You will find that if you become a travel agent you are going to work in a great atmosphere with other happy people as well. However, the best thing about the chance to become a travel agent is that you have so much room to move upward. You can find yourself in a situation where you can easily work your way from travel agent to owning our own agency. This means more money for you, of course.

See The World

Another great thing you will discover if you become a travel agent is that you are going to be able to do lots of traveling of your own and do it at great rates. If you are able to become a travel agent you can go just about anywhere in the world and you can go there for very little cost. There are almost unlimited benefits to being a travel agent. It is also very easy to become a travel agent. You can apply for a job with a local travel agency and you’ll find that it is very simply get yourself certified so that you can become a licensed travel agent.

Imagine a life where you can help others make great travel arrangements and decisions, and where you are going to be able to actually help people. Not only that, but you’ll find many great things if you become a travel agent. You can travel for free to many places, and if you work in this exciting field you’ll find that not only can you get great discounts for being a travel agent, but that just by being one, you are going to know where the best places are to get great deals on travel.

These are just a few reasons why it is a great idea to become a travel agent. The options are just unlimited: work in your home town, travel to other places, work from your home or even offer travel services on the internet. Regardless of where you go you’ll find that there is a need for this type of job. Whatever you do, make sure not to underestimate the power of being a travel agent. This is a career field that you should think about getting into, especially if you love to travel and if you feel that this can be a great way to spend your life. I mean who wouldn’t want to receive discount flights all around the world?

Alternative Greek Travel Destinations

Greece can satisfy even the most demanding of its visitors. It has beautiful scenery and great man made establishments, it has sea but also mountains, it has archaeological sites and night clubs as well, it has crowded areas but it also has nice and quite places. The best of all is that all these are not far away from each other. I don’t think its an overstatement to say that Greece is a traveler’s paradise.

Where can you find such places.

If you want to find fancy restaurants and Hotels and all the comforts a man can get those are the services every known place has and they are actually difficult to miss. Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, Corfu, Crete, Athens, Thessaloniki, Samos are among the most visited destinations in Greece. If you need luxurious accommodations, fancy restaurants, loud music, packed cafes, lots of visitors you can find them here.

Places that are not crowded but still have lot to offer are more difficult to find. There are less services and less money to be gained from visitors and therefore are not heavily promoted. If you are looking for those places don’t ask at your local travel agent. Don’t arrange a Cruise hoping to find them. The are usually very close to the crowded centers but not much is mentioned of them.

Lots of smaller islands that are not heavily advertised, and island satellites to famous ones usually fall under this category and would be ideal places for people that want to explore the alternative Greece. For the sake of the discussion I am going to mention Gaudos, Paxoi, Fournoi, Sifnos, Ikaria, Chios but this is not extensive by any means. These places are usually recommended from people that have already gone there. If you have not had such recommendations then I would advise you to prepare your trip to the most favorable location leaving some room in your schedule for visiting places that the locals will undoubtedly suggest. An inquiry to a local Greek travel agent or a Greek Habitant might reveal some hidden treasures around the area. Keeping in mind the pros and cons presented right after, one can easily recognize such places.

With quiet destinations you avoid the mass tourism and the noise and you enjoy more the nature and the hospitality of people simple and not caught up at the great rush of our times. Nature is purer and the food is fresher and atmosphere is unspoiled and healthier. The prices are cheaper too. One great disadvantage is that such places don’t have many means of transportation to and from them and not to many comforts should be expected when looking for accommodation. Some of them don’t even have air connectivity with mainland Greece. They might have boat or bus connection 3-7 times a week from the near by Town.

Travel off high season

Greeks usually take their summer vacation around the 15th of August that is the biggest festivity in the Orthodox Christian world, commemorating the Assumption of Theotokos (Mary the mother of Jesus). Around these days everything gets very busy with boats running full and extra flights being added and all types of accommodation running at full capacity. These period makes for some very tiresome vacation and I would definitely avoid it if I had the choice. Planning either before or after August is probably the smartest thing one can do when traveling to Greece. You do avoid the headaches and prices are a whole lot different.

Almost all destinations in Greece are connected through Athens, so this gives an opportunity to the traveler to explore the Athenian lifestyle and Acropolis if he/she so chooses. Some alternative routes include Italy which has daily direct boat connections to the Ionian islands and Turkey which has daily boat connectivity to the nearby islands of the Aegean.

Arranging your car rental before hand

Small places usually luck the public transportation of the big and famous cities. Buses usually run not very frequently and planning your excursions around them usually is not an easy chore. The more crowded places will probably have cars booked fully for the high season times. So if you are planning on using a car arranging it ahead of time is always good choice.

Alternative accommodations for rent

If you are not interested in the standard services of a hotel (food, everyday cleaning/towels/sheets pools and restaurants) you can rent villas or homes at cheaper prices. Usually the such places provide a high level of service compared to what you pay for them. Plenty of non Hotel accommodations are spread at all possible places and the go by the names of

Make Your Travel Plans Effortlessly Ahead of Time – Use an Airport Shuttle

Avoid delays caused by parking snafus, traffic jams in the lot and confusion over having your bags checked properly. Enjoy the convenience of arriving at the airport terminal and getting to by-pass long term parking!

Be secure in the fact that you will arrive on time when you use a Denver Airport Shuttle. Take advantage of convenient Airport transportation of Denver, geared toward meeting the schedules, needs and demands of the harried business traveler. Ride in climate controlled comfort with a professional in the driver’s seat. Enjoy being ushered straight to the door and being assured that your belongings are in well-trained, organized and capable hands

Be assured also that your business guests are being transported responsibly when you use a Denver Airport shuttle or other Airport transportation in Denver. Know that their individual needs and wants are being met efficiently by competent personnel trained in the art of serving the public. Make arrangements to use their competent travel services as soon as you have the details of the trip available for a stress-free visit. Be sure that your arrangements are in place well in advance so that you can communicate the details to all parties needing to be informed of the details.

Treat the logistics of your travel to a well-trained professional. Trust all details of your comfort, schedule, belongings and safety to a Denver Airport shuttle or Denver Airport transportation services. Begin your trip in an unhurried and confident manner. Know that your business guests are receiving supreme treatment and that they will arrive on time and comfortable when they use the services of a Denver Airport shuttle or Denver Airport Transportation.

Make use of your available energy to do what counts in your business. Focus your main work on doing a superior job. Trust all other functions to known professionals who can provide accomplished service in the niche they fill. Take advantage of the expertise of the very best by using a Airport Shuttle. Airport transportation also provides exceptional services for the business traveler.

Be proactive when making your travel plans: use a Airport shuttle in Denver or the services of a Denver Airport Transportation provider to secure an on-time ride to and from your scheduled flight. Or, entrust the transport of business guests or even your own family to the professional and comprehensive work of these entities. Their service and excellent professional way of doing business will make in-town travel plans the easiest part of the trip.

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